RD Platform


In today’s agricultural environment, farmers are inundated with a myriad of information and offers to try new products and encouragement to adopt new practices. The agronomic landscape is changing so fast that farmers may find it difficult to keep abreast with ever changing information. That’s where the RD Program can assist you in sifting through the countless options available and provide focus for the best yield-enhancing opportunities for your farm.

In helping select the best products and management strategies for you to assess on your fields, our priority is two-fold:

1) The products/practices must improve the productivity of your acres.

2) The products/practices must increase your profitability, even in times of lower commodity prices.

In short, it has to work on your farm! We are committed to working with you, side-by-side, to determine how to maximize performance in your fields, through one of the two options, that are designed to deliver results:

RD2 Program

Turn a portion of your acres into an on-the-farm research facility. An innovative approach to conducting premier on-the-farm research that is meaningful to you – because it’s happening on YOUR farm! Your interests drive the research and gear toward maximizing total performance in your fields. Designate the some of your acres you want to utilize for testing, and for a small per acre fee we’ll do the rest.

RD Maximum Economic Yield

Many people talk about achieving yields of 100 bushels per acre in growing soybeans and hitting the 300 bushel per acre milestone in corn production. At CVA, we’re not just talking about it – we partner with you in a new and innovative approach to creating a production plan that will attain maximum economic yields. The program is designed to compare the producer’s normal production practices side-by-side with CVA recommendations.

We know that not every acre is built for the 100/300 bushel threshold, and that makes us committed. Determining the right yield to maximize your profitability is what the Maximum Economic Yield(MEY) strategy is all about. RD – Research and Development that is Results Driven!

2017 RD Innovation Review

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