Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels

Close up of Diesel fuel pump

We all know fall is one of the busiest times of the year. You need to be able to trust your equipment will perform and trust your supplier to deliver. As a Cenex Certified Diesel Distributor, we provide a proprietary blend of additives that meet the demands of new and existing engine technology designed to operate with high efficiency and less downtime.

The information below is to help ensure you are fully aware of what Cenex premium diesel fuel has to offer and how it continues to lead the industry.

Detergent/Anti-fouling– Laboratory and field tests confirm that Cenex premium diesel fuels meet or exceed requirements to maintain and clean fuel systems. Cenex premium diesel fuels meet and exceed both the DW10 and XUD-9 engine tests, which measure the rate of the fuel’s ability to effectively prevent and remove the build-up of carbonaceous deposits. In addition, Cenex premium diesel fuels are designed specifically to meet and exceed the current and future demands of original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Competing products may make similar claims without the rigors of laboratory and field testing to back them up.

Demulsifiers / Moisture Control – One of the most problematic sources of mechanical and filter failure is water, it is critical to separate and remove water from the fuel system. Cenex premium diesel fuel contains demulsifiers that force water to the bottom of the fuel tank for easy removal. Both new and old equipment contain a water release valve that is intended to remove water from fuel storage tanks. Engine manufacturers recommend this to reduce and eliminate moisture-contaminates in fuel from passing through the combustion chamber.

Competing products may claim that emulsifiers are better at controlling moisture than demulisifiers. Emulsifiers just “break-up” the water to pass through the fuel system instead of forcing it to the bottom for removal. Modern diesel engines that utilize high-pressure common rail technology have enormous heat and pressure build up.  Forcing heated water into a fuel system that can generate over 35,000 psi causes damage to engine components.

Terminal Injection – Cenex premium diesel fuel is injected directly into the fuel stream at the terminal level. Terminal injection provides the quality assurance, proper treat rate and blending accuracy needed to produce consistently high-quality premium diesel fuel. Splash blending reduces the accuracy of proper blend rates required to produce a high-quality premium diesel along with increasing the risk of debris, dirt, and water contamination.

Cenex Total Protection Plan® – More than a fuel, it is a guarantee. Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® premium diesel carries the best warranty program of its kind in agriculture. It is a small investment for valuable coverage and peace of mind. The optional, no-hassle warranty program covers farm equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours, including fuel injectors in new or used equipment for five years or 5,000 hours. Best of all, there is no deductible for any required repairs throughout the duration of the coverage period.  Only Cenex Certified Premium Diesel Distributors can offer the Cenex Total Protection Plan on equipment that exclusively runs top-quality Cenex premium diesel fuels and lubricants.

For questions about Cenex Premium Diesel or the TPP Warranty, please call Kane Kuehl at 712-540-3596.