Grain Adviser Program Christmas Extension

Bell on a Christmas Tree


Jason Meyer

We are excited to announce the signup period for the Grain Adviser Program has been extended until December 23rd. Consider this an early Christmas Present from the Grain Department. The Grain Adviser Program is an excellent way to diversify your grain marketing options in 2017. CVA along with FC Stone, an internationally known and respected brokerage firm have joined forces to offer this program to all the patrons of CVA Coop. If you have corn bushels in the bin but just don’t know what to do with those bushels, the Grain Adviser Program is a great way to hand off some of those tough marketing decisions to the pros. Those bin bushels must be contracted in 5,000-bushel increments and can be sold to a CVA location or directly to an end-user. The ProEdge Grain Specialists at CVA Coop will work hard to identify the best market for those bushels. The final futures price on those in-store bushels will be decided at the end of June. Why not let the marketing professionals at CVA and FC Stone assist you in maximizing the price on those on-farm corn bushels.

The Grain Adviser Program will also be offered on New Crop Corn and Beans. The futures prices for New Crop bushels will be established at the end of August which will give you ample opportunities to decide what delivery point will work best for your operation. If you have any further questions about the Grain Adviser Program, please do not hesitate to contract your local ProEdge Grain Specialist. Remember the sign-up period will end on December 23rd.

The grain markets are currently getting direction from the weather patterns in the Southern Hemisphere. For the most part, Brazil, which has planted record corn and bean acres is seeing no major weather issues at the moment, and the forecast for them does not sound like any negative weather events are going to occur. The weather the markets are closely watching is in Argentina. The temperatures have been warm but not excessively hot. It has also been dry for the last month or so. As the majority of the corn enters the critical pollination time frame, good chances for rain are forecasted to materialize.  If the rains do not fall, look for the market to be well supported.

Currently, the most impressive piece of the whole grain picture is the record export pace the US is seeing on both corn and beans. Despite the dollar at 15-year highs, which makes US grain more expensive to the rest of world, the US continues to see new grain sales announcements on an almost daily basis. It will be important to see how long the US can continue its torrid export pace. Many in the industry think that the arrival of New Crop grain in the Southern Hemisphere will quickly bring an end to the rapid pace of US exports. The longer the US can export the more supported the US markets will be.

As we look forward into 2017, the grain team at CVA wants to let you know that we will always fight to help you maximize returns on your farming operation. Give us a call to talk about FOB trucking contracts, non-traditional contracts or other services that CVA can offer you. Thank-you for your continued patronage in 2016 and we will continue to strive for your business in 2017. May you and your families have a very Merry Christmas!!!