Internal Diesel Injector Deposits – Managing the Problem

Internal Diesel Injector Deposits, or IDID, is an acronym that you hear often. IDID are of critical concern in high-tech fuel injection systems, and can translate into big problems for your expensive equipment. Today’s diesel engines operate at extreme temperatures and pressures – causing typical #2 diesel fuel to destabilize, which results in fouled fuel that recirculates in the fuel system and can damage parts.

Internal diesel injector components in high-pressure common rail engines are much smaller, lighter and more intricate than direct inject diesel engines manufactured prior to 2007. With injection that occurs multiple times per combustion cycle, even the tiniest deposits can wreak havoc on an engine. If left untreated, it can significantly reduce fuel economy, decrease engine power, increase emissions and even lead to expensive injector failure and costly downtime.

IDID is different from the conventional deposits that form at the tip of the injector. Nozzle tip deposits can be treated with a standard detergent additive, while IDID requires a more complex fuel additive to help fight deposits. Premium Diesel Fuel successfully removes and prevents IDID as well as showing a dramatic reduction in fuel filter plugging while maximizing power in today’s high-tech engines. For more info about our cenex ruby fieldmaster / roadmaster premium diesel fuel call Mike Wiarda 402-694-9831